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kindly never ever sell your electronic ITEM on craigslist for it will be have cause for you to be receiving most gracious emails about PAYpAL as the safest and most securely way to do transaction.

I know these are quite pedestrian, a dime a dozen, and nothing all that funny anymore. Still, I'm in serious need of selling my nearly brand new laptop and these jerks are a total hinderance and waste of my time. They've made wading throught the emails so bad I've probably run off a few good sales because they sounded vaguely  scammy.

419 baiting sites have tickled me a bit from time to time, so I took the opportunity to have a few giggles at the jerk faces' expense. I've just been responding back asking really off the wall questions and using 5th grade (or worse) potty humor and being generally odd and subversively offensive. My favorite trick so far has been to type a normal looking email and within it in a font color matching the background I include the aforementioned potty words, words of violence and just weird stuff along with sexual advances and references to US government agencies. I've most enjoyed asking "For the highest level of security" that:

"to prevent scamming, I ask for a picture of your face and body. These are standard precautionary measures that my company requires. Please submit immediately to avoid delay or investigation. (FBI)
anal sex, rim job i want to see you  fuck yourself
Nude photos are acceptable. Hopefully I can see you glistening. (FBI)

Kindly (FBI)

my mother died today so i hop (FBI) e you will be nice to me i like to masturbate fuck cookies"

highlight to see the full message. I am not sure why i find the hidden text thing so funny, perhaps a mixture of arrested social development, extreme immaturity and the childhood obsession i had with secret messages. 

I think for posterity I'll put together what I have and post's the most fun I've had all holiday!

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