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Gonna Post this one

At least three times in the past month, I have intended to update my fairly stagnant LJ. Truly, my group of friends and associates must be the last band of folks still using it regularly, or at the least, they are certainly the oldest. I imagine, out there, in the internet, in the village of LiveJournaland, that most of the inhabitants are split into two camps: The Angsty Emo-kids, assymetrical screenprinting adorning their gowns, wimper and whine at passersby, threatening to slit their wrists if they don't stop into their hut to check out the new Leaving Kids Wednesday LP that they got from a friend who got it in Japan, which like so way cooler than America. These people would be known as the Nothing-to-Doids, and all the other citizens of the community wish, just for one second, that the threats of Self-Termination were legitimate. They aren't. For the Nothing-to-Doids, LJ is used because it is simply NOT ENOUGH having one (Myspace) world (or two, including FaceBook) wide public forum to parade their poor taste and manfactured walking oxy-moron, being both super angry AND being monumentally  apathetic. They aren't alone, however.

I know they are an easy target, but there's a reason for that. They don't mind the attention, even long as all eyes are on them.

The other camp taking up most of the space on Ye Olde Live Journal is what we call the CreepyCrawlees. I don't mean to offend anyone within my group of pals, as I'm sure we have SOME bleedthru, but the CreepyCrawlees are the: RenFairers, The MMORG addicts, The LARPERs and others making believe they are Vampyrs(dude, that's how it's REAALLYY spelled), The furries, etc. (Disclaimer: Playing dress up is fun, but when it takes up all your free time, money and dignity, it's time to take the wig off and get into therapy. and off LiveJournal.) they call women "wench" as they pass by and speak with horribly forced false intonation and accents and generally smell funny (imagine  a wet dog, fritos and something akin to sunbaked sweet-n-sour sauce) and have a high incidence of Obesity. Observations, not accusations. I know I'm Obese myself...and that's why it bothers me...guilty by association. Enough fattys dressing like foxes and sailor moon and chasing each other around the local park at 6pm on a wednesday and people start to think all of us chubsters are like that. Jus' Sayin', is all.

Anyway, I've strayed way off track here. My point is, what's left of Live Journal is mostly those folks. And then, my friend, there are you and I. Maybe we belong in one fo those camps, maybe not. The point is, even in a village full of modern day Geeks (by the circus definitions) we are STILL the outcasts. At least for once, it's for being too 'normal'. feels good for a change, huh?
Tags: don't you love my tags? they are pretty, huh?, it's not cool to say interwebs or teh, ridin' the medifast serpent
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