spankyhockenpuss (spankyhockenpus) wrote,

AIM & partees

So the company I work for (MetroPCS) is currently preparing to launch it's own AIM interface allowing our customers to use AIM from their handsets for either $5/month unlimited or as part of our all inclusive $50 plan (that also has Unlimited Long Distance,Local,Voicemail,caller ID, call waiting, unlimited text messaging,unlimited MMS, unlimited WEB access and unlimited international text messaging. It's pretty cool, and allows all of our customers to communicate with those horrible sidekick-owning friends of theirs, and those stuck at a computer with the ability to use AIM.

The point is, I'm currently one of the testers, but as you may already know, i notoriously never sign on to any of my instant messaging accounts and generally have never used them on any regular basis. But I'm testing it, and can see it as being somewhat fun and useful under certain conditions. What I am trying to say is, if you have me on you aim list, hit me up so I can test this thing a bunch before launch. If you don't, feel free to go fire it up and ad me:

AIM Screen name: spankyhockenpuss (duh)

this is also a good time for me to say:

1) party, 7/7/07 @ 7pm, my place. (perhaps you can rsvp via AIM?)
2) Stan is in town as of NOW, he will be staying at my place a couple of nights at least, but you should call him up and take advantage of the fact that the man is on this side of the coast. I work a lot this week, so I will not have as much time with him as I would like. We will make it happen, though.
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