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Reviews of movies I've seen lately

Inspired by plasticjsus and my recent useage of the review system on Blockbuster Online, I've decided to repost the little things I write on the BB website review sections for the movies i've got in my "queue" . They are short. They are narrow minded, and reflect only my selfish nature and inability to appreciate art. It's also slightly more informed than a lot of the podunk schmoes' reviews I read on there. So, for now, Here's a couple of movies I've seen lately. Sorry, in advance, because I'm bound to offend someone within these, since even close close friends disagree on movies....but it's really just meant to be funny, and hopefully i don't bother anyone with my jokes at the expense of some of these films fans.

I'm Not There:

I'm Not Interested

It's like Bob Dylan in the body of...shut the hell up. This movie is a study of the way every burned out Dylan fan imagines a Dylan movie should need for plot, man....hang about no value at all? yeah, that'd be great, man! Oh, i know what would be the most,'s a complete mindf*ck and not in a good'll just be this masturbatory allegory for Mom & Dad to remember when they were wannabeatnics. A cirle jerk for the inner circle of JERKS. We get it. Dylan, famous, 'cool/?, bunch of great actors patting each other on the back for impressions of a guy whos main distinguishing feature is the ease with which he can be imitated. This movie deserves no awards. It actually made me like some of Bob Dylans music....but just made me hate his fans even more.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

Just Plain Good
You have to have some ability to do the following in order to enjoy this movie: Appreciate a certain weirdness in the world suspend some disbelief know what it feels like to consider suicide be open to the idea of a twisted circus band like sweet stories about a person finding their joys in life in a different/unusual way. This movie was dry,a little odd, but accessable, clearly attended to, everything made sense, was the way you'd imagine it'd be in this alternate exsistance. It's funny, sad and simultaneously sweet, and a little brave. It forgives the 'Self'-Offer" in a way that anyone who's lost a loved one to suicide, just wouldn't think possible. It'd be hard NOT to enjoy this movie. The characters are fun to follow and the theme and feel, those purposefully drab the majority of the time, give you this constant feeling of the bright colors just about to peek through to the surface. Rent it. It'll make you feel...something.

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Boredom
There Will Be Napping There Will Be Snores There Will Be Restlessness There Will Be long scenes where nothing at all happens There Will Be a collective sigh when it's finally over There Will Be Psychiatric evaluations done, especially PT There Will Be No way to get back the time I just lost watching that There Will Be Hopes this never happens again

Lars and The Real Girl

I was entertained and mentally stimulated by this movie. It provoked both thoughts and emotions and managed to make me sympathize with nearly every character. No Character felt undeveloped. No one felt like a prop to advance the story. They all felt like real people, and for the strangeness of the subject matter, the only weakness of this movie may be that once you remove a sex toy domestic partnership from it, this just wasn't strange enough...It has a quirky & cliche vibe all at if, like Nirvanas sound during the Grunge period, has become an impersonation of itself. Quirky IS cliche now. .. But 'Lars' manages to still be sweet, to still feel real enough, and to still let us be losers for a minute. We're not cool in this world that Lars invites us into, but we like it there.

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