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Say Anything?

Not the great little cameron crowe john cusak flick from the 80's with that infinitely memorable scene with the ghettoblaster and the Peter Gabriel tune....

this fucking band:

okay, what the fuck is this asshole up to?

This bag of douche in a vintage, slim fit, american apparel T with ironic screenprinting reminds of some kind of mash up of retarded, emo and Dane cook. Fuck that guy. Say Anything? In defense of a genre (the name of their new album)? It's exactly this kind of tripe that propels the fuck faces I see everyday with skin tight jeans and gigantor skate shoes into believing that they are real, original, creative, and so on. This disgusting ehh...I really don't know why I am so angry. But seriously, FUCK THESE GUYS.
Tags: candy corn, douchebags, face, fuck, fuckface
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