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Birth.Mud.Frogs.Crucifixion I'm only celebrating ONE of those officially...but in addition to frogs being awesome, my birthday is also this Saturday, the 9th of February. I plan on celebrating that not only am I alive, but that my life is better now than a year before, five years before, or basically look back with nostalgia and say, "ahh, those were the good old days...fuck them, HERE'S  TO TODAY!! It sucks MUCH less!!"

I'm happy to be alive, and birthdays are a good time to say that out loud whilst lapping up booze with friends.  Long story short:

February 9th 2008, Saturday
8:30pm, Becketts, Berkeley (there's some guy playing music there that night so we might migrate if it's too busy or sucky)
Friends, fun, etc

I've been quite pleased to see a lot of the crowd more often lately and I'd like to keep that ball rolling.

Come out!
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