spankyhockenpuss (spankyhockenpus) wrote,

1/2 month update for the list of resolutions

-Finish the novel I began for National Novel Writers Month.  No Progress here, yet.

-Script Frenzy. Time Dependent...this is will totally do.

-learn how to play the guitar.  Well, I bought a cheapo guitar and some basic 'learn to play' Hal Leonard materials. A book with corresponding CD and DVD. I'm learning how to read the music and and have played it every night for the last four, and I can now play Ode to Joy over and over and over again whilst randomly flubbing a note then exclaiming "ARRG!" I am better plucking than picking and I only get things mostly right when I'm playing in the mirror (so I can see which fret i'm on) and I know what a fret is.

-Get the house Uber Clean and completely decoratedEh, about half-way there. Redecorating has begun, but piles of 'unfiled' stuff still exist.

-Smoking.  I don't smoke indoors at all anymore and don't smoke when commuting. I'd say I'm on track and have reduced my intake by just JUST under half a pack.

-Weight/Health/Fatty. Have lost 4 lbs since Dec 28th. Still haven't started back up on the exercise routine yet.


-Visit my family in Reno, etc.
-talk to my friends more.
-Read More. Internet excluded.
-Ride my scooter more & Go to the rallys in spring & summer. TIME DEPENDENT (and weather permitting)
Visit another state in the US (other than Nevada)
-Get my passport Renewed and leave the country again. (this may not happen only because of financial limitations)


-Write in a journal more.  DOING THIS NOW

-get a pet.  Got a cat named FINCH who is weird and awesome and also mostly a little bitch.
-spend more time with Selma doing stuff we don't normally do (like little trips to SF and such). Working on it. 
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