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So usually, I scoff at the new years resolution thing...but over the last couple of months I have been collecting little "I really need to do..." lists left and right, and since the holiday season (being in retail and having quotas hanging over my head in a real way for the first time) left me able to focus only on work, those have all been pushed aside. So I'm making a list this year. I am going to accomplish them all. Some are short term, some are date specific, some will be on going projects and senses of 'doing better' type things. Some are very cliche, and some are textbook ME. Here it is, to get it down, and I see no real reason to not start a little early.

-Finish the novel I began for National Novel Writers Month. I didn't quite got in the way and I had to decide that being focused and rested enough to do my job properly was more important than finishing 50,000 words in one month. I have 20,000. I will hammer through, make it 60,000, and follow the same concept of NaNoWriMo: Quick and dirty. No editing while I write. Once I finish it, I will go back and begin the process of making it cleaner, fixing plot issues, tidying up diologue  and making it somewhat worthy of reading. My goal is to start on this January 3rd (I have inventory to do) and be done by March 15. This will give me 2 weeks to recooperate so that I can begin the next writing challenge:

-Script Frenzy. Same basic concept as NaNoWriMo, but a script. April 1-30. 100 pages. This, I can do. Still, it's scary.

-learn how to play the guitar. While I'm at it, those two above are from the same sort of community of creative wannabes and veterans that have decided to constantly challenge themselves with these satisfying tools of self-abuse. They also inspired this list with something called  Big, Fun, Scary Adventure Challenge which is just to challenge yourself to do something new an exciting and, well, scary & Big. I'm choosing all of this stuf, but in particular, I've decided my big fun scary challenge will be to learn how to play the guitar. I'm currently checking out Craigslist for a used cheapy acoustic, but may just try to borrow one until I'm sure I can actually approach the ability to learn.

-Get the house Uber Clean and completely decorated.

-Smoking. I'm going to just say I would like to be a non-smoker this time next year. I'm starting by reducing how much I smoke. I have a plan. I will slowly start imposing an ever more inclusive DON'T list, taking away priveleges to smoke from myself. For example. First, I will say, no more smoking in the "office" at home which has become the 'smoking room'. having to go outside will deter me a bit and very effectively reduce how much I smoke. then I will outlaw smoking in my car during my regular commute, then extend that to be no smoking in the car at all. After than will be harder ones like after meals, with booze,with coffee, after sex, and so on. By doing this I will give myself fewer and fewer of my automatic 'habit smokes' and only be smoking when my body ABSOLUTELY NEEDS IT. then I will begin a Cessation therapy drug, like Zyban or somesuch. I've also already introduced a rationing procedure wherein I only bring a certain amount of cigarettes with me to work. I'm on 5 cigarrettes from the time I leave the house in the morning until I return home (thank god I'm too cheap to buy another pack if I know i have some waiting for me). I will likey end up doing the drug and the Nicotrol inhaler for my last steps. and then, I'm done.

-Weight/Health/Fatty. I lost a good amount of weight last year but didn't keep it off. I did a great job of intorducing new habits, but emotionally was at a weird turning point where I was feeling good about myself and indulging, which was weird because my overeating in the past was for exactly the opposite reason. I've got a treadmill, various hand weights and something to help situps/crunches to be easier (my collarbone has not agreed with on the floor sit ups since I broke it). I know how to eat healthy and can do it. It's just time to. This will be a focus ABOVE the smoking thing. I will not try to push both of these at the same time. I will wait until I'm at a weight/size I'm happy with to go past the rationing/imposed limitations point with the smoking. This is a good idea. I promise.

-Visit my family in Reno, etc.
-talk to my friends more.
-Read More. Internet excluded.
-Ride my scooter more & Go to the rallys in spring & summer.
-Write in a journal more.
-Visit another state in the US (other than Nevada)
-Get my passport Renewed and leave the country again. (this may not happen only because of financial limitations)
-get a pet.
-spend more time with Selma doing stuff we don't normally do (like little trips to SF and such).
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