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Things right about now

NaNoWriMo has begun.

For those of you unfamiliar, that's National Novel Writers Month, and this year I've decided to participate. I'm not off to a grand start, missing basically the first two days and writing very little on the third, but tonight I'm attempting a bit of a rally to make up some lost word time. The idea (I posted about it recently, actually) is to write a novel with a minimum 50,000 words in the month of November. It doesn't have to be good, but it has to be at least that long. It's a neat exercise in pushing yourself to try new things and accomplish things you didn't think possible as well as get the creative wheels spinning again. The best advise they give you is not to edit. Just let it flow, don't really even try to make it good. Assume it will be full of crap, but still try to make it something to be proud of, understanding the existing parameters. Look at all these words I just wrote that don't count for my total!!! what a waste!

But seriously, Since the first, I have written (as of right this second) 5,000 words. A tenth of the total. It feels good, even if by this point I SHOULD have around 8300. That's okay. I'm still feeling accomplished and excited and hopeful. The subject matter is familiar and so far has a nice even mix of sad and funny. It will be embarrassing as a finished product, I'm sure, but it will still be probably the largest feat of it's kind for me. It will finally set a mark past the half a screenplay I did (with tons of help from Victor and Selma) something like three years ago. Time to start up those engines again.

So, on the day I was supposed to just write from morn to night, I decided to go to the movies with Selma. Not exactly smart, in the scheme of things, but I needed a break and watching a not so terrific but not all that bad flick got me re centered and I am ready to spend until probably 3 am or so getting as close to 8000 as I can, and will take full lunches at work every day this week to supplement my writing time. I will also do at least an hour each night and spend most of both days off pounding away at the keyboard of my laptop in various Oakland-Berkeley coffee shops. I am desperate to meet this goal. My sad confession is that I've considered copping some ADD medication to keep me going once I hit that mid-point that I know I will get stuck at. hopefully some homemade Espresso will do the has so far. Anyway, I went to the grad lake theater tonight for the first time and man, that place is cool. Inspiring all by itself. I love old theaters.

It's funny, what got me started writing again was actually us getting cable for the first time in years. Watching some of these suddenly well written series (I'm lookin' at you Californication & Dexter) made me wake up my inner-bukowski and tell him to get to work. Weird that after years of not giving a fuck about what's on TV, that now I do and there's some writers strike. It's like they realise there has been a shift in quality and want to be paid more for it now! sheesh! Just please work it out soon, I need to be able to see new episodes of the office and was just starting to respect David Duchovny as an actor.

Well, Obviously I'm back into writing. I don't think I have types this much into LJ in a couple of years. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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