spankyhockenpuss (spankyhockenpus) wrote,

Craiglist, ahh, the pure amusement

Here is a link to a posting I found. This is my hobby. Since I don't watch television, I call CL "my soaps" you can see so much in the way of interesting, bizarre,'s a window into the human condition. That condition is fucked up. In case the link dies, I'll post a copy of it here as well.

Need help with a break up? Don't like emotional confrontations? Don't like dishes thrown at your face?

I'm your man!!! I'm currently providing a unique service for those of you who have a hard time breaking up with your significant other in person.

This is no joke. Many people have a hard time with initiating break-ups and end up prolonging unhealthy and unproductive relationships. Wouldn't it be easier to just sit back, cut your ties, and let someone else do the messy work. I make it fast and painless for you. I can also fill other requests in the process such as requesting apartment keys or getting that favorite shirt/blouse you left, etc.

I have low rates depending on the circumstances. Call or e-mail me now to discuss details!!!
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